Dr. Leonard McCoy
14 August 2012 @ 10:10 pm
[McCoy sounds, understandably, pretty stressed out. The infirmary is constantly understaffed, and when some of the people who usually help out are the people who decided to get themselves killed/used as human(oid) punching bags this weekend, it means the issue's even more apparent.

That said, there's a professionalism to the bark, because McCoy does his best when he's stressed out and has ten million things he has to do. It's just also useful to have a staff of people on hand for when these things happen.]

I need anyone with an extra set of hands and basic first aid knowledge down here five minutes ago. We've got a lot of pretty banged up people and I can't be everywhere at once.

For anyone who isn't down here and needs help, don't keep quiet about it. I can send someone up with a stretcher or help you walk so long as you let us know where you are. And if anyone's seriously injured, call me down before you move 'em, you'll just make things worse if you don't know what you're doing.

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Dr. Leonard McCoy
29 July 2012 @ 03:40 pm
[McCoy turns on the feed to show himself sitting in the computer lab, sort of scowling at the camera. It's just how he rolls, don't take it too personally, fellow students.]

Just so everyone knows, we've still got plenty of room in all the extra computer skills courses after school, and signing up for at least one of them is required. You've only got two more days to make a choice about which one you wanna sign up in, so I'd do it sooner rather than later, if I were you.

I get it, you all think because we've got magic we're never gonna need these skills, but I've got news for all you freshmen: someday, you're gonna have to go out into the real world and it's kinda against the law to just blast 'em with a memory charm whenever you feel like pulling out your wand to do your taxes. Better to get it out of the way now instead of realizing right before graduation that you don't have any idea how to survive in the real world.

[ooc: Leonard McCoy is your friendly cranky neighborhood Computer Science TA, who actually kind of hates being a wizard and much preferred life before it got all complicated with magic and stuff. He's toned it down a lot over the years, but he's cranky, irritable and usually keeps to himself. He's a senior in Mongoose, and I'll be replying with [personal profile] damnitjocelyn.]
Dr. Leonard McCoy
25 July 2012 @ 11:49 pm
[Open Spam, all over the Barge]

Usually when he was feeling particularly upset and frustrated, McCoy would just throw himself into work. It probably wasn't the healthiest coping mechanism, but it was useful because it was a constant distraction, and it wasn't like he could just walk away from work on Enterprise or even here for a few days just because he was feeling crummy about something. And while he might be a little snappier with people than usual, at least stuff was getting done and people were being looked after, and that was good enough for him.

Now, that was sort of less of an option than usual. He was still doing shifts in the infirmary and keeping an eye on things, but now he had a wolf that was going to wind up being the size of a pony to look after, and - call him crazy - he didn't love the idea of her wandering around by herself. It wasn't that she was dangerous, but... she was a goddamn wolf, and she was clearly Not Happy about Arya being gone, so he didn't really want to leave her to her own devices that much.

So, instead of holing himself up in the infirmary and refusing to come out, McCoy's actually been pretty out and about over the last several days, perhaps even more so than usual, and he's got said wolf following along (or more usually, running ahead) with him. Sometimes she'll sit with him in a common room or under a table in the dining hall, looking pretty sulky, and he takes her up to hunt in the CES which has been... an experience, but for the most part, it hasn't been awful.

[ooc: Feel free to run into Bones and Nymeria wherever on the ship!]
Dr. Leonard McCoy
14 July 2012 @ 06:37 pm
[The audio clicks on, but Bones hesitates before saying anything, because telling everyone about this is just. Not something he wants to do. There are unhappy wolf noises in the background, because Nymeria's staying with McCoy for a while and is decidedly Not Pleased about Arya's disappearance.]

Ar- Cat's gone. [Flat. He's super depressed] Her room's still here, and she's still on my item, so I guess the Admiral booted her home for a while or something. [And Nymeria hasn't been able to track her anywhere, so she probably poofed home. But if any of you assholes kidnapped her or whatever, McCoy will find you and he will make sure you spend the rest of your miserable life being sorry. :|]

If anyone's looking for her in the mean time, let me know.

[It kind of sounds like he wants to leave it at that, but there's stuff to do, and he's good at throwing himself into work when he's depressed. Even if this is really just opening the door for more bullshit and horrors, but oh well. He still sounds pretty flat and resigned, because fuck this place. :\]

Merlin's joining the infirmary staff as another direct care warden, so if anything ever happens to me or I'm not around for whatever reason, you go to him for help. If anyone's got some medical experience and wants to help out, or wants training, Hey- Nymeria- Stop it- [The unhappy wolf noises have been getting louder for a couple seconds, before they're interrupted for a moment as she starts nosing at the communicator curiously (or out of annoyance, stop playing with it and take me to the CES to kill some rabbits plz :|) and McCoy gently tries to get her to stop, finally giving up and turning around, scratching her ears a little.]

We could always use the extra hand. We've got nursing positions open for wardens and inmates, and a couple people who know first aid on call in case we need an extra hand. Inmates'll need warden permission before they can sign on.
Dr. Leonard McCoy
30 June 2012 @ 08:22 pm
[Backdated to after Crane's post, because Bones grumpy. :|]

For the record, this is my universe. I've been to this planet before, and anything you pick up, either I or the hospital here can treat. Nothing's gonna come as a surprise, and the sooner you fess up about whatever the hell you did to yourself, the sooner it'll stop being an issue.

They've got UT's at the hospital, but the doctors should know how to speak English anyway. Don't be an idiot if you get hurt.

[Spam for Arya]

tl;dr spam, cut to spare your flists. )
Dr. Leonard McCoy
16 June 2012 @ 04:22 pm
Now that we're back to our regularly scheduled programming, [Har har.] I'll be back in the infirmary in a while. For any new people, I'm Doctor Leonard McCoy. I'm the Chief Medical Officer on board the Starship Enterprise, and I'm head of the infirmary here.

[Private to Arya]

You doing alright?

[Private to Merlin]

Thanks for holding down the fort.

[Spam for Jim]

[Messages sent out, McCoy hesitated before sending another to Jim, because he really didn't know what to say to him. It had been a weird flood, and he wasn't exactly great at articulating stuff like thanks for bugging the hell out of me after I threw up on you in a shuttle because my life would really suck without you.

So, after going back and forth about it for a while longer, he got up and headed down to Jim's room, knocking on the door and waiting for his friend to answer the door.]
Dr. Leonard McCoy
13 June 2012 @ 03:42 pm
[McCoy looks pretty much the same as he usually does. Same Starfleet uniform, same rank stripes, same kind of pissed off at all of you attitude and kind of sneers at the camera. He is in utterly no mood to be here and is not going to be shy at all about letting you people know about it.]

Is this the part where I'm supposed to just repeat my name, rank and serial over and over again until you assholes get bored of this 'let's kidnap Starfleet personnel' game? [... Okay, He's maybe a little more grouchy and mean than usual.

This is what happens when you have basically nothing but your very demanding, stressful job going for you.]
Because I've got better things to do with my life then talk myself hoarse, and I don't have any interesting information to add to whatever the hell point you're trying to make. I'm just a doctor, I don't have codes or whatever, and you'd be better off just letting me go.

What the hell do you people even want with an outpost on M-113, anyway? We're about as backwater as you can get.

[Spam for Jim]

[Entirely unsatisfied and really, madder than ever about the whole being here thing, McCoy had left his room (not that it was actually his, it was just the room he'd wound up in, he didn't work on a starship and he wasn't best friends with Captain James T. Kirk) to go explore the rest of the ship. It seemed to make sense, anyway, he'd been told he should just go and find the pub.

Of course, he had no idea where that actually
was, so he'd just wandered. And was finally walking up to what looked like the last level of stairs, wondering what was on the "deck". And, you know, assuming like a sane human being that it was a contained environment, he really wasn't expecting what was coming next.

As soon as he opened the door and realized he was standing, exposed, on deck, and there was nothing but black, starry space surrounding him, them, everything, he felt all the color drain from his face. His stomach lurched, and hHis hand was gripping the doorknob so hard, it hurt.

That was it. Total brain shutdown, torn somewhere between passing out, throwing up and hyperventilating, or maybe doing all three at once, because there was just
no way this was happening and he couldn't process it.]
Dr. Leonard McCoy
22 May 2012 @ 03:08 pm
Do you people need hobbies or something? I can promise you, reading or knitting or whatever's way more productive than stabbing each other in the hallways. Good God. [Heavy, heavy sigh. Fuck all of you and your stab happy bullshit. :\]

For any new arrivals, I'm Doctor Leonard McCoy. I'm the Chief Medical Officer on board the Starship Enterprise back home and I'm the head of the infirmary here.

Some ground rules: you are not allowed to leave the infirmary until you've checked in with a doctor so if you fall on your ass in the hallway during your escape attempt, we've at least got an idea of where the hell you wandered off to and can come looking. The infirmary is always staffed by a medical professional, who are all here to help you when you need it. Don't be a moron and hide something that's just gonna do more damage when it heals incorrectly. We're not gonna bite you.

Anyone who hasn't come in for a quick exam yet should get in here as soon as possible. The procedure's done without physical contact and the results are confidential. They're just used as a baseline so we know what's normal for you in case you're ever brought in here too injured to give proper medical information. [You don't want to die on the operating table because you forgot to mention you're allergic to some antibiotics or painkillers. :|]

Anyone who's medically trained who wants to lend a hand, or anyone who'd like to brush up on some first aid should contact me. Any inmates who volunteer will need their warden's permission before they're approved.

[ooc: If anyone currently in the infirmary/visiting the infirmary/what have you wants to spam him, I am totally down for it! He basically lives in there.]
Dr. Leonard McCoy
12 May 2012 @ 07:50 pm
You know, I didn't even need to come in for more than a couple scenes this week, and now we're stuck here for who knows how long? This is ridiculous.

Has anyone actually heard any updates on how bad the damage is? Or like, heard from the people who're supposed to be working on getting the road clear again? Or anything at all besides we're being held hostage here for who knows how long? Not all of us live and breathe Last Voyages, I've kind of got some other stuff I need to do. [Like. Buy groceries. And clean up his apartment. And just GET OFF THIS SET UGH WANT GO HOME despite. Just getting here.]

And Shatner, if you want to run lines, I'm not getting dragged into whatever feud you and Bobbi have going on this week. [Practically inaudible grumble:] You two can't possibly be adults.

Has anyone seen Sophie around?

[ooc: Bones is Karl Kelley, a New Zealander who was on the show for a while a few years ago, left to make it big in Hollywood, and had to come back when he found out he'd been extremely typecast. He hates the show, he hates his coworkers, he hates Chris Shatner and he's really just here for his paycheck. And he usually flees the set whenever he doesn't actually need to be physically on location so this is like a Shining situation waiting to happen.]
Dr. Leonard McCoy
18 April 2012 @ 04:51 pm
For any new arrivals, I'm Doctor Leonard McCoy. I'm the chief medical officer on board the starship Enterprise back home, and I'm head of the infirmary here.

We're down on level two, and if you haven't already, I'd appreciate it if you could come down and get a medical exam since I'm assuming no one's coming on board with their files on hand. They only take a couple minutes, the procedure's done without touching you and the results are confidential. It just gives us something to work off of if you ever get hurt on board.

[Private to Arkady]

I've been meaning to ask, anything I should know about House before I give him access to most of the stuff me and the Doctor have in here?
Dr. Leonard McCoy
02 April 2012 @ 03:01 am
jim i am going to kill you

[So Jim tried to drink Sam under the table. "Tried" being the operative word there, so now Bones is basically the most hungover he's been in a very long time and is, understandably, not happy about it. Most replies will probably be short, irritable and badly spelled until he's feeling less shitty.]
Dr. Leonard McCoy
31 March 2012 @ 01:36 pm
[The feed clicks on to show what is definitely a familiar (if five years younger than normal) face broadcasting from McCoy's journal frequency. He's wearing a gray t-shirt and jeans instead of a gold Starfleet uniform like he usually does on the Barge, but otherwise he's the same kind of cocky asshole people should be familiar with, if younger and less crushed by how much the Barge sucks.]

I'm Jim Kirk, which I guess some of you already know, since I'm apparently here most days as a warden, in case there was any confusion about that [Fuck you, Sam.] and I've been told I'm here for Bones. Sorry if anyone's looking for him.

So, [And here you are treated to both the most important question anyone's going to ask this weekend and an extremely cocky smile.] Where's the bridge on this thing?

[ooc: Tags will be coming from [personal profile] buckleup. Jim is from about mid way during their time in the Academy, so no Enterprise yet. He will hit on all your ladies. :c]
Dr. Leonard McCoy
27 March 2012 @ 03:46 pm
[Private to T'Pol]

Do you have a minute? [Or like half an hour. :V]

[Open Infirmary Spam]

McCoy was utterly not in the mood to deal with other people's shit right now, but quasi unfortunately 1. he did technically have a job to do and 2. sitting around in his room wasn't really something he ever considered a good way to kill time unless it involved alcohol and he was still not all that keen on the idea after how much of it his counterpart had consumed in port, so obviously the answer to avoiding people was doing stuff in the infirmary. Considering how much everyone seemed to like to shout about how much they hated it in there, it actually probably wasn't the worst way to spend free time.

So he busied himself with taking inventory, reorganizing things, reading over some old medical journals he had saved on his PADD and generally doing a good job of looking busy and uninterested in interacting with other human beings for the moment.

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't bother him a little.
Dr. Leonard McCoy
10 March 2012 @ 12:24 am
[So, this is just another weekend on the Barge for Dr. Lenore McCoy, and everyone's constant oh god what is happening is starting to wear on her admittedly easy to piss off nerves. So she looks a little grouchy while broadcasting from the infirmary while wearing some blue scrubs instead of her usual Starfleet uniform, since none of the ones currently in her closet fit correctly.]

Well, whatever the hell this flood is, the infirmary's still open, so if anyone's got anything they're medically freaked out about, I guess come on down.

[She is not convinced this won't unleash some kind of crazy hell upon the staff but. Ohhhh well.]

[Private to Arya]

You okay, Cat?

[Private to Jim]

You'd better not be doing anything stupid.

[Private to Merlin]

How the "princess" treating you?

[ooc: Will be tagging around with [personal profile] damnitjamie and Bones thinks she's always been a woman but remembers you as your correct genders, i.e. Arya is still a girl Jim is still a guy etc.]
Dr. Leonard McCoy
26 February 2012 @ 06:46 pm
I've seen a lot of weird shit over the years, but this just about takes the cake. Obviously there's something very fucking wrong with your databases because I'm pretty goddamn sure these are the hands I was born with. A DNA test'll prove it. Pretty sure that's not something you can claim in a transplant.

Has anyone tried just heading back to the Barge, yet? [And grumbled:] This is the last time I ever get off this fucking boat.

[ooc: This happens before the Kirk and Shego killing each other thing, for any threadstalkers.]
Dr. Leonard McCoy
14 February 2012 @ 11:12 pm
So, let me guess. February's always like this?

[Infirmary Filter, minus House]

Gregory House is being brought in as support staff. If anyone's got a problem with that, I'd rather hear about it now than in a couple months or something.

[Private to Jon]

I need to ask you a couple of questions about your wolves. [Arya wants Nymeria back is this a hideous idea. :|]

[Spam for Arya]

[McCoy had promised Arya that he'd show her what a phaser was back when Shendu had decided to get all pissy and take over the Barge, but hadn't gotten around with it until today. So, they'd headed into the CES - the doctor armed not only with a phaser, but a decent winter jacket this time because he'd let her open the door and they were back in the land of way too much snow to ever be normal - and walked around a bit before McCoy realized something seemed a little off.

Well. Two things, in that he kept kind of wondering what Sarah was up to and if he should have invited her with them but what if she said no and - yeah, focusing on Cat now.]

What's the matter with you? You seem kinda... mopey.

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Dr. Leonard McCoy
31 January 2012 @ 02:31 pm
Ninjas or no ninjas, the infirmary's still in one piece and I'm not planning on going anywhere, so if anyone's got any issues, don't keep quiet about it.

[Filtered away from Shendu + Anyone who's been public about wanting to help him]

Is anyone down in Zero hurt at all? And since we're even more short staffed than usual [Bawww Merlin come back. :C] if anyone's still free who's got experience treating injuries, let me know so I can get in touch in case someone else decides this is a good time for a violent rampage and the ninjas don't stop 'em first.

[Private to Jim]

Don't do anything stupid.

[Private to Arya]

[... c+p from above.]

Should I bother asking if you're keeping out of trouble?